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2013 Tour Site Photos

The Tour occurred on
Sat. Oct. 26, 2013
10 am to 4 pm

Site 1 - The Tiny House by Sol Haus Design

The “Tiny House” is a self-designed and self-built home that reflects the owners’ core values of living simply and efficiently. It is the size of a parking space (140sf) with an approximate cost of $35,000. The house is designed to be wholly self-sufficient with solar panels and a composting toilet. Natural light fill the space, and multiple openings bring views of the outside in. The loft is designed with a large skylight, so the owner can gaze at the moon and the stars before going to sleep.

Site 2 – Sugar Box house

This 400 Square foot home was built in a shop in Texas in 2009. Using wood and steel from old barns and fences results in a home made from ninety percent reclaimed material. The owners goal over time is to make this home, and the galvanized steel barn on the property that has been there since the 1930s as green as possible. “I hope to make the whole property as self-sustaining as I can.  It reminded me of a long, flat box of sugar.......but on its side, hence the “Sugarbox House”.”

Site 3 – Ohana Hale (Family house in Hawaiian)

This lovely Craftsman style bungalow was rebuilt from the ground up, using the original footprint of 1,000 square feet, from the original house, built in 1912.   One of the current highlights is how the native grasses and trees planted are flourishing.  Small trees have become very big ones in a few short years, creating a "green fence" to provide privacy from the morning traffic.  The interior cabinetry, furniture and doors were custom built locally, resulting in rooms and furniture with multiple uses, to demonstrate the fact that "Small is Big Enough!"

Site 4 – Green Cube



This home, featured on the 2008 Green Home Tour shortly after completion of construction, is a cinder block, un-insulated house that was built in 1955.  The project underwent a complete green retrofit and remodel of the existing 1,084 square foot single story residence and a new 576 square foot two story addition, affectionately referred to as the ‘Green Cube’ by the owners.  Outside you will see a sustainable garden demonstration site.  This, along with the rest of the property’s landscaping, has flourished since the tour in 2008, creating shade, food and beauty.

Site 5 – East End ... Eden Permaculture Farm


The owners are enacting a site design for their farm that will allow for timber forestry, clay and sand collection and the use of as many other on-site building resources as they can utilize responsibly.  They grow food, raise animals, build soil, plant trees, holistically manage wild lands, harvest rainwater, and eat nutrient dense food that they can trust. More recently, in order to augment their food sustainability, they have added Aquaponics, which is currently providing leafy greens, including herbs, a wide variety of tomatoes, green beans, peas, and assorted other fruits and vegetables throughout the year, and including protein in the form of fish.

Site 6 –Ojai Olive Oil

The Ojai Olive Oil Company farm is a certified organic farm, but they don’t stop there. Ojai Olive Oil and the Asquith family are very serious when it comes to sustainable living, farming and business-building in the Ojai Valley.  To produce a superior taste and quality product they know that the healthiest olives come from trees living and supported by a strong and healthy ecosystem absent of harmful chemicals. Ojai Olive Oil olives are grown using many permaculture-based practices such as soil building, water management, composting, cover crops, beneficial insects, birds and more.

There was a pecial Free Gift for Tour Participants: "Olive oil soap"

We hope you enjoyed your visits!

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